Ian Hemphill (Skyfall FPV)

Ian Hemphill, known as Skyfall FPV, is a seasoned veteran of FPV drone racing, boasting a remarkable 6 years of experience in the field. Hailing from Sandusky, Ohio, Ian initially specialized in micro drone racing during the early years of his FPV journey. However, his focus has shifted more recently towards racing in larger formats, such as Street League and Open Class, utilizing 5" and larger drones.

Ian's dedication and passion for FPV racing were exemplified by his participation in the MultiGP Mayhem 2023 race, where he flew for the Dream Team for an impressive duration of 12 straight hours. This endurance feat speaks volumes about his skill, endurance, and commitment to the sport.

In addition to his racing prowess, Ian's talents extend to frame design. As an accomplished frame designer, he actively works on developing new designs specifically tailored for Street League racing. Ian's innovative approach and ongoing dedication to improving racing equipment further contribute to the advancement of the FPV racing community.

Ian stands out as a respected figure within the FPV racing scene. With his extensive experience, racing versatility, and active involvement in frame design, Ian continues to leave his mark on the sport, pushing the boundaries of performance and contributing to the development of FPV racing technology.