Quinton Hansen (QTFPV)

Quinton Hansen, also known as QTFPV, is a highly motivated and exceptional racing pilot based in Utah. With a remarkable track record as a six-year veteran of FPV drone racing, Quinton's dedication and skill have earned him a well-deserved reputation in the community. Alongside his achievements in racing, Quinton holds a black belt in Shaolin Kenpo, showcasing his discipline and commitment to personal growth.

As a seasoned veteran of Velocidrone Racing League (VRL), Quinton brings a wealth of experience to the racing scene. His involvement and expertise as a VRL pilot add an extra dimension to his racing skills, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of FPV drone racing.

Quinton lead a weBLEEDfpv racing team to podium, demonstrating his leadership qualities and ability to work collaboratively. His podium finish at the IO (International Open) whoop race stands as a testament to his exceptional racing abilities and his ability to perform at a high level in competitive environments.

Additionally, Quinton's 26th place finish at the previous IO event remains a personal highlight, representing a significant achievement in his FPV racing journey.

With his unwavering passion for FPV drone racing, impressive skills, and diverse experiences, Quinton continues to make significant contributions to the sport. His commitment to personal growth, martial arts expertise, and consistent pursuit of excellence ensure that Quinton remains a prominent figure for the WREKD racing team.