AyyyKayyy and WildTypeFPV secure major podiums at the inaugural Woodstopia Event - WREKD Co.

AyyyKayyy and WildTypeFPV secure major podiums at the inaugural Woodstopia Event

We are beyond excited to congratulate WREKD Co. team pilots AyyyKayyy (Anthony Knight) and WildTypeFPV (Joshua Locsin) on their spectacular podium finishes at the inaugural Woodstopia event! Their incredible performances and sportsmanship showcased the talent and determination that make them invaluable members of the WREKD Co. team.

Woodstopia is not just another FPV racing event; it is a celebration of the community and the sport itself. Organized by AyyyKayyy and other dedicated community members, Woodstopia is a three-day camping event filled with non-stop racing action. Held on August 25th to 27th, 2023, this event brought pilots together for a weekend of camaraderie, competition, and unforgettable memories.

While AyyyKayyy is also the mastermind behind the renowned Whooptopia event in Phoenix, Arizona, Woodstopia stands out as a unique offering in the FPV racing calendar. Unlike Whooptopia, which is primarily focused on Tiny Whoop class racing, Woodstopia expanded the racing categories to include Open Class, Street League, and Freedom Spec, catering to a broader spectrum of pilots and racing enthusiasts.

AyyyKayyy shared his thoughts on the first ever Woodstopia held in Munds Park, Arizona:

"Where do I even begin?! This past weekend was an actual blast! We have never ran an event of this magnitude before and learned many ways we can improve this event on going. Overall, the entirety of the event went smooth and we can’t wait to make it better come next year. The support of all the pilots and the sponsors is what made this event special and our team cannot thank you all enough!

Perspective Image, owned and operated by Greg Gutierrez, is truly a master of his craft providing live streams for the entire weekend. It’s always an honor to have such a skilled individual helping make the event just that much better. There is no one I know that does it better then Greg!

Ted Wayne aka G8keepR, our race director, I applaud you for all of your hard work and dedication for the event. We are so lucky to have someone with your skill set apart of our Arizona community!

We raced 3 total classes this past weekend which included Street League, Freedom Spec, and Open Class. Even with the event being 3 days long, having 3 separate classes was a lot to take on and after discussion we will be proceeding with just 2 classes in the future so everyone can get more dialed on each class and perform at the best of their ability."

The standings:

1st - AyyyKayyy
2nd - Wildtype
3rd - Nightwing
4th - BikeGuy
5th - Hatter
6th - Knicked_It
7th - Sturmy
8th - ScrapHeap
9th - Solenya
10th - Bumper
11th - Rog1
12th - Tehllama
13th - QT FPV
14th - TDog
15th - West Psyde
16th - FPV Skittles
17th - Myopic
18th - Zar
19th - GainingGround
20th - Goonz
21st - JRice
22nd - JamusXIII
23rd - Seg
24th - Pliers
25th - Rodgers
26th - SlayTech
27th - ChettMac
28th - Ricochet
29th - ShawnzFPV
30th - Nantonaku
31st - FPV Provo
1st - TDog
2nd - Wildtype
3rd - AyyyKayyy
4th - ScrapHeap
5th - Tehllama
6th - Rog1
7th - FPV Provo
8th - Shark FPV
9th - Nightwing
10th - West Psyde
11th - Hatter
12th - FPV Skittles
13th - BikeGuy
14th - Solenya
15th - Sturmy
16th - ChettMac
17th - GainingGround
18th - Knicked_It
19th - JamusXIII
20th - Seg
21st - PoppaWoody
22nd - Goonz
1st - ScrapHeap
2nd - PoppaWoody
3rd - Hatter
4th - Slaytech
5th - Seg
6th - West Psyde
7th - Nantonaku
8th - Sturmy
9th - Redfinn
10th - Knicked_It
11th - KBD
12th - DZDrones
13th - Abullit
14th - Goonz
15th - Ricochet
16th - Rodgers
1st - AyyyKayyy
2nd - TDog
3rd - Wildtype
4th - ChettMac
5th - QT FPV
6th - Nightwing
7th - CJV
8th - BikeGuy
9th - FPV Provo
10th - Bumper
11th - Solenya
12th - Rog1
13th - FPV Skittles
14th - Tehllama
15th - GainingGround
16th - Shark FPV

AyyyKayyy’s comments underscore the team effort it took to make Woodstopia a success. From the race director to the live stream operator to the pilots and sponsors, everyone played a crucial role in making the event special. It is this spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement that will surely make Woodstopia an event to look forward to in the coming years.

The Woodstopia event was not just about racing; it was a weekend for the pilots. From camping in the woods to hilarious unforgettable stories under the stars, Woodstopia offered a chance for the FPV community to come together and celebrate their shared passion for drone racing.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to AyyyKayyy, the community members, volunteers, and sponsors who made Woodstopia possible. We're positive your hard work and dedication created an unforgettable experience for everyone that participated.

Once again, congratulations to AyyyKayyy and WildTypeFPV on their epic podium finishes! Your talent and determination inspire us all. We are incredibly proud to have you as part of the WREKD Co. team and look forward to many more victories in the future.

Happy flying!

The WREKD Co. Team