Freedom Spec Racing

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    • 533g Minimum Weight
    • Five33 Headsup 2207 1960kv Motors
    • HQ R38 Headsup Prop
    • 3 or more (non-status) LEDs
    • Any 6s Battery
    • Any BLHeli32 or AM32 ESC


    You must flash the KAACK version of Betaflight which imbedded with Infinitee's RPM Limiter.

    The RPM Limiter can be enabled and set in the OSD or CLI.

    Standard Freedom Spec is considered to be 18,000 RPM. However, an event could have an RPM Limit specified between 16,000 & 22,000 based on the track and other factors.

    As a part of each heat, prior to the arming period, pilots will show their RPM Limit settings to the race director to confirm the spec is met.


    • Any Frame
    • BLHeli or Am32 ESC
    • Camera
    • VTX
    • Flight Controller
    • 6s Battery


    We are in pursuit of the perfect spec class.  Our goal is to spec the components that are absolutely necessary.  With our priority being to pull the performance of the drones as close as possible.  All while having the easiest transition possible between our spec and open class racing.

    6 products
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