Incredible wins at the 2023 MultiGP International Open! - WREKD Co.

Incredible wins at the 2023 MultiGP International Open!

We're extremely proud to announce some awesome WREKD pilot achievements this week at the International Open.

Matt Raymond (MFR_FPV)

Starting off with one of our freestyle pilots Matt Raymond (MFR_FPV).  We want to issue a congratulations on taking the 2nd place spot at the Freestyle competition. Matt is a great freestyle drone pilot from Ohio and has a ton of fun filming cinematic freestyle across the tri-state area.

Joshua Lerner (JuicyFpv)

We are also delighted to introduce our newest team member, Joshua Lerner (JuicyFpv), a freestyle pilot renowned for his distinctive Sbang flying style with Whoops. Not only does he excel in freestyle flying, but he has now ventured into the racing world as well. Joshua's outstanding performance earned him 1st place in the Freestyle competition. Congratulations, Juicy! We eagerly anticipate the unique contributions he will bring to the team in future events.

We're really excited to see the things Juicy brings to the team at future events.

Kali Bel (FlyAwayFPV)

Team pilot, Kali Bel (FlyAwayFPV), played a significant role in assisting the Freestyle event and generously provided giveaways to the freestyle competition winners. Kali's support extends beyond her teammates, as she is always ready to lend a helping hand and selflessly assist anyone in need. Kali’s dedication and team spirit make her an invaluable member of our team.

Noah Pitzer (CustomRCMods)

Moving on to our next pilot, Noah Pitzer, an established racing pilot focusing on Micro / Whoop racing at the moment earned himself a 1st place spot at the 2023 TinyWhoop International Open. Not only did he win 1st place, he ironman'd the entire race. Which means he won every heat he was in.  This event marks just one of many that Noah has been winning lately and I highly doubt this is his last. He is a very powerful force in racing and we will inevitably see more of him for years to come. We're working to get him into the Spec and/or 5" racing scene next!

Noah is also a very patient and supportive team member that helps his friends out when they're needing it.

Ari Stehney (UptimeFPV)

Ari Stehney, also known as UptimeFPV, is not only a talented pilot but also the epitome of support and inspiration within our team. Ari's on-track performance is matched by his off-track qualities, including his kindness, patience, and helpfulness. He plays a crucial role in fostering a supportive environment within the WREKD team, and we deeply appreciate his presence and contributions.

Spencer Cannizzaro (ScreecherFPV)

Finally, we shine the spotlight on Spencer Cannizzaro, known as ScreecherFPV. His persistent training, exploration of flying techniques, and boundless determination led him to a remarkable third place at the World Cup, 2023 MultiGP International Open. Overwhelmed with emotion, Spencer's humbling self-surprise is as heartwarming as his achievement is deserving.

All day long at the World Cup, Main Stage, at the 2023 MultiGP International Open he pulled in top 4 race after race, moving him further and further to the finals, never once losing his composure, he kept his cool all the way to taking home 3rd place, only bested by the likes of BMSThomas and Yukifpv.

We truly 100% believe Screecher will continue to be strong competition for everyone at the top for several years to come.

Spencer was at a loss for words as Joe Skully interviewed him immediately after the race and was overjoyed with emotions. He's a great kid, deserves this win 100%!

To our entire team... we thank each and every one of you for your presence at this event.  Without you we wouldn't have been able to come close to sponsoring IO or being able to keep up with the customer demand that came along with having a booth at an event like this.  

Thanks again!

❤️ Josh & Jenn