The 2023 MultiGP Championship was a blast! - WREKD Co.

The 2023 MultiGP Championship was a blast!

It's a wrap! The eighth edition of the MultiGP Championship has left us exhilarated, filled with pride, and utterly speechless. Five days of high-octane drone racing action have flown by at the scenic No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs, Florida, and WREKD Co. couldn't be prouder to have played a role in this monumental event.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the pilots, whose tenacity and skill have shone brightly throughout the competition. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed were the true essence of this championship, embodying the spirit of FPV racing.

The event was an explosive mix of speed, skill, and sportsmanship. From Tbell's astounding climb from E Main to C Main, finishing 40th overall in Pro Class, to Wildtype's dramatic ascension from C Main to the Top 16 finals, ending 12th overall, the event was rife with jaw-dropping moments. Proximo's leap from B Main to a well-deserved podium finish at 3rd overall in Pro Class was nothing short of inspiring.

The remarkable hospitality of Matt and Michelle Brooks transformed their No Quarter Ranch into more than just a venue; it became a home for the FPV community, complete with pre-installed technology that elevated the racing experience to new heights. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their unwavering support and passion for drone racing.

We cannot proceed without acknowledging the incredible MultiGP staff and the devoted volunteers, including Geoff Peacock, Greg Callahan, Tom Davis, and many others who poured their hearts and souls into this event. Their dedication enabled pilots to immerse themselves fully in the competition, pushing their limits with an unprecedented number of qualifying rounds and racing packs.

The breathtaking performance of MCK FPV, who clinched 1st place, Drobotracer with a strong finish in 2nd, and the formidable Proximo in 3rd place in the Pro Class, exemplifies the extraordinary talent that the championship attracts. Similarly, in the Sport Class, Scorcher's victory, DabsFPV's runner-up position, and ABNRML's 3rd place showcase the depth of skill and dedication within our community.

A staggering 3,284 Lipos were discharged, 528 races were completed, and 115 pilots raced, averaging 28 packs per pilot β€” these numbers speak volumes of the relentless spirit of the participants.

To all who raced, supported, and celebrated with us: you are the heartbeat of WREKD Co. and the FPV community. We're already looking forward to the next gathering of this extraordinary family.

For those who missed the live action or wish to relive the thrilling races, full results and streams are available to immerse you in the experience.

As we sign off from this extraordinary event, we invite you to join the official MultiGP Community Group on Facebook to stay connected with the vibrant FPV community.

Until next time, keep your rotors spinning and your goggles down. Fly high, fly fast, and stay WREKD!

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