Team Pilots

We have a growing group of friends forming the WREKD Team Pilots.

From every aspect of racing, to every aspect of freestyle... we about have a pilot that does something from each group of this great community.

Andrew Yap (WerdnaFPV)

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Born in Singapore and currently studying in Michigan, Andrew Yap, better known as WerdnaFPV, is a global force on the WREKD team. As a high-speed Micro Whoop pilot, Andrew's abilities have been recognized with a podium finish in the pro class of the Drone Race at the Museum of the United States Airforce in 2023. His talents have also drawn international attention; Andrew has flown at MCK FPV (Minchan Kim)'s personal practice field and was even featured in a CNA Insider piece about the demands of drone racing.

What sets Andrew apart is not just his skill but his creativity. Known for crafting memorable phrases for his On-Screen Display (OSD), Andrew brings a unique blend of humor and flair to the WREKD brand. Whether he's competing, traveling, or coming up with the next catchy OSD phrase, Andrew is a vital and versatile member of Team WREKD.

Anthony Knight (AyyyKayyy)

Anthony Knight, also known as AyyyKayyy, is a competitive drone racing pilot based from Chandler, AZ. With a strong ambition to join the Drone Racing League (DRL), he actively works towards achieving his goal. Anthony played a crucial role in establishing MLDR (Major League Drone Racing) and has been instrumental in its growth. Additionally, he organizes an annual event called Whooptopia, which has become the go-to event for whoop drone racing enthusiasts. Recently, he introduced a new event called Woodstopia, further showcasing his dedication to the drone racing community in Arizona. Follow Anthony's journey as he pushes the boundaries of drone racing and strives to make his mark in the DRL. Subscribe to his YouTube channel at @anthonyknight1988

Austin Alford (AUSTINSPIRED)

Austin Alford, also known as AUSTINSPIRED, is an FPV freestyle pilot and a motocross/XC racer. He is a proud member of the WREKD team and represents brands like HQ Prop and Quadmula. He took podium at the Rotor Riot Freestyle Rate Your Rip Competition at the 2023 Rotor Riot Rampage event in Barnswell SC. When he's not flying, Austin races bikes for Kawasaki Team Green, Gateway Cycles, Real Ink Graphics, Maynard Racing Performance Parts Unlimited, and more! You can find exhilarating FPV and racing content on Austin's YouTube channel: AUSTINSPIRED on YouTube.

Chad Wipperman (CoolWippFPV)

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Dave Swartz (Geordil)

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Kali Belsky (FlyAwayFPV)

Kali Bel, widely known as FlyAwayFPV, is a dedicated and passionate FPV pilot who traverses the country to participate in thrilling freestyle and racing competitions. Her unwavering commitment to the craft is evident not only in her extensive travels but also in the willingness to lend a helping hand to others and contribute to event organization.

Beyond her impressive FPV pursuits, Kali is a dynamic and influential figure in the maker space. With expertise in various disciplines such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC machining, she possesses a remarkable creative prowess. If you find yourself in need of something custom-made, Kali is the go-to person to bring your ideas to life.

Kali Belsky's FPV journey revolves around her passion for racing. Overcoming challenges such as a failing transmission in her car, she fearlessly embarked on an adventurous journey to the MultiGP International Open in Indiana. Kali's determination and exceptional skills shine through as she invites you to experience the exhilarating world of FPV racing alongside her.

For more thrilling FPV content and to stay connected with Kali's exciting journey, be sure to follow her on YouTube: @FlyAwayFPV.

James Buckler (Catapult FPV) 

At just 16 years old, Fort Worth, Texas native James Buckler, known in the FPV community as Catapult FPV, is one of the youngest talents on the WREKD team. Despite his youth, James has already made significant strides in the drone racing world. This year alone, he achieved two major milestones: earning his FAA Remote Pilot certificate and getting his driver's license.

But James isn't just about racing and flying; he's also passionate about community building. He runs a drone club at his high school, fostering the next generation of FPV enthusiasts and pilots. With his combination of skill, enthusiasm, and leadership, James is not just a promising pilot but also a vibrant addition to Team WREKD.

Spencer Cannizzaro, popularly known as ScreecherFPV, is an exceptional 15-year-old drone racing pilot who has established himself as one of the top 10 fastest pilots in the world. His remarkable talent and skills have led him to achieve notable success, including an impressive 3rd place finish at the 2023 MultiGP World Cup. He also secured 3rd place at the Freedom Spec Championships alongside 1st place Evan "Heads Up" Turner and 2nd Amari.

In addition to his achievements on the racing circuit, Spencer actively contributes to the drone racing community as a race organizer. He hosts races at his home MultiGP chapter called ECO Quad Racers, located in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Through these events, he fosters the growth and excitement of drone racing in his local area.

Spencer's current racing setup showcases his commitment to top-notch equipment. He utilizes the FPV Supply Co. Kronos frame, HDZero VTX, Foxeer Flight Controller, and Rush ESC's, all powered by RCINPOWER MCK 2100KV Motors.

To share his passion for drone racing and provide a glimpse into his thrilling adventures, Spencer maintains a YouTube channel: ScreecherFPV on YouTube. On his channel, you can witness his incredible flying skills and stay updated with his latest racing endeavors.

Edward Hoffman (MARINE_1)

 Edward Hoffman, also known as Marine_1, is a remarkable figure in the world of FPV racing, proudly proclaiming himself as the "oldest racing pilot" in the community. With a distinguished background as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Edward brings a wealth of experience, discipline, and dedication to his passion for flying FPV racing drones.

Not only is Edward an exceptional pilot, but he is also recognized as a great friend and a supportive teammate within the FPV racing community. His presence and guidance have been invaluable in the development and growth of aspiring pilots like ScreecherFPV. Edward's mentorship and coaching have played a significant role in helping ScreecherFPV rise through the ranks and achieve success in the sport.

Edward Hoffman's love for FPV racing drones shines through in every flight, and his contributions to the community extend beyond his own achievements. With his veteran background and supportive nature, he exemplifies the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork that makes the FPV racing community thrive.

Jonny Exner (NeonFPV)

Jonny Exner, widely known by his alias NeonFPV, is an exceptional racing pilot renowned for his extraordinary speed. He has gained a reputation for his ability to quickly learn new tracks, showcasing his remarkable adaptability in the world of FPV racing. Jonny's skills and dedication are evident as he consistently sits atop the leaderboards across various tracks in Velocidrone, setting blazing fast lap times.

His tenacity is unrivaled, and even if you manage to surpass one of his records, Jonny's competitive drive pushes him to reclaim his position. It's not uncommon for him to study the track, make adjustments, and ultimately beat any new time set against him within a remarkably short period.

While Jonny's presence may not have been as prominent at larger events, the FPV racing community eagerly anticipates his participation in upcoming competitions. There is great anticipation that he will make his mark at the highly anticipated 2023 MultiGP Championships, where his exceptional skills and relentless pursuit of excellence could propel him to new heights.

Keep an eye out for NeonFPV as he continues to amaze and push the boundaries of speed and performance in FPV racing.

Jon Lee (Kuzyatron)

Quinton Hansen (QTFPV)

Quinton Hansen, also known as QTFPV, is a highly motivated and exceptional racing pilot based in Utah. With a remarkable track record as a six-year veteran of FPV drone racing, Quinton's dedication and skill have earned him a well-deserved reputation in the community. Alongside his achievements in racing, Quinton holds a black belt in Shaolin Kenpo, showcasing his discipline and commitment to personal growth.

As a seasoned veteran of Velocidrone Racing League (VRL), Quinton brings a wealth of experience to the racing scene. His involvement and expertise as a VRL pilot add an extra dimension to his racing skills, reflecting his commitment to pushing the boundaries of FPV drone racing.

Quinton lead a weBLEEDfpv racing team to podium, demonstrating his leadership qualities and ability to work collaboratively. His podium finish at the IO (International Open) whoop race stands as a testament to his exceptional racing abilities and his ability to perform at a high level in competitive environments.

Additionally, Quinton's 26th place finish at the previous IO event remains a personal highlight, representing a significant achievement in his FPV racing journey.

With his unwavering passion for FPV drone racing, impressive skills, and diverse experiences, Quinton continues to make significant contributions to the sport. His commitment to personal growth, martial arts expertise, and consistent pursuit of excellence ensure that Quinton remains a prominent figure for the WREKD racing team.

Richard Colman (TaxooFPV)


Ian Hemphill (SkyFallFPV)

Ian Hemphill, known as Skyfall FPV, is a seasoned veteran of FPV drone racing, boasting a remarkable 6 years of experience in the field. Hailing from Sandusky, Ohio, Ian initially specialized in micro drone racing during the early years of his FPV journey. However, his focus has shifted more recently towards racing in larger formats, such as Street League and Open Class, utilizing 5" and larger drones.

Ian's dedication and passion for FPV racing were exemplified by his participation in the MultiGP Mayhem 2023 race, where he flew for the Dream Team for an impressive duration of 12 straight hours. This endurance feat speaks volumes about his skill, endurance, and commitment to the sport.

In addition to his racing prowess, Ian's talents extend to frame design. As an accomplished frame designer, he actively works on developing new designs specifically tailored for Street League racing. Ian's innovative approach and ongoing dedication to improving racing equipment further contribute to the advancement of the FPV racing community.

Ian stands out as a respected figure within the FPV racing scene. With his extensive experience, racing versatility, and active involvement in frame design, Ian continues to leave his mark on the sport, pushing the boundaries of performance and contributing to the development of FPV racing technology.

Joshua Locsin (WildTypeFPV)

Joshua Locsin, also known as Wildtype FPV, is a highly skilled racing pilot for WREKD Co. and FPV Store. With an impressive 9th place ranking at the 2020 MultiGP Championships, Joshua showcases exceptional racing skills and a deep passion for FPV drone racing.

Matt Raymond (MFR_FPV)


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Matt Raymond, known in the FPV world as MFR_FPV, is a WREKD team pilot based in Ohio. With a focus on freestyle flying, Matt is often seen pushing his quads to the limit through bandos across Ohio and Michigan. Not one to be confined to just freestyle, Matt also offers his cinematic drone skills to businesses, capturing breathtaking aerial footage. His YouTube channel is a testament to his diverse skill set and creativity, making him an invaluable asset to Team WREKD.


Colin Rountree (Proximo)

Southwest Ohio's Colin Rountree, aka Proximo, is a 15-year-old WREKD team pilot who's making waves in the drone racing world. He recently secured the 12th spot worldwide on the MultiGP Global Qualifier Leaderboard and is set to race in the Pro class at the 2023 MultiGP Championships alongside his WREKD teammates. But that's not all—Colin also secured 1st place in the TinyTrainer Racing series from Five33 and took 3rd place in the Drone Race at the Museum of the United States Airforce.

Off the track, Colin showcases his creative side as a fantastic video editor, specializing in car show edits that turn heads. His After Effects skills have a way of making even a golf cart look like a Lamborghini.

Caleb Smith (SmithTheMyth)

Caleb Smith, or SmithTheMyth, is a cinewhoop and cinematic FPV freestyle specialist who joined the WREKD team in 2023. He made an impactful debut at the Rotor Riot Rampage event, where he mingled with some of the legendary FPV freestyle pilots. As a WREKD pilot, Caleb brings a unique cinematic perspective to the team, making him a perfect fit for the diverse lineup.

Izzy Skye (IzzyBoop)

Izzy Skye, also known as IzzyBoop, is an electric presence on the WREKD team and a popular figure in the FPV community. Known for her entertaining and outspoken YouTube personality, she brings a unique flair to the team's public persona. She's often seen featured in Botgrinder videos on YouTube, adding an extra layer of excitement to the WREKD brand. Whether it's racing or freestyle, Izzy is a force to be reckoned with. Her flying adventures often include ripping through bandos and even wrecking drones just for the thrill of it.

But there's more to Izzy than just high-adrenaline flying. Some of her most jaw-dropping feats are her videos of chasing race cars with FPV drones, capturing footage that leaves everyone inspired.

Ari Stehney (UptimeFPV)

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Ari Stehney, known in the FPV circles as UptimeFPV, is a linchpin in the WREKD team and a distinguished figure in both the freestyle and racing communities. His breadth of knowledge in building FPV drones is rivaled only by his racing and freestyle skills. He's won first place at the Rotor Riot Rampage Freestyle Rate Your Rip Competition and at a Virginia Tech Drone Racing Event recently, making him a formidable competitor in any arena.

But Ari brings more to WREKD than just his piloting skills. His caring and helpful nature shines through in his support for the FPV community. He's also a proponent in securing sponsorships for his school robotics team. He even helped introduce Alex Vanover to WREKD, leading to a fruitful collaboration with Currently, Ari is in the process of designing his own frame, named the Hoku, further solidifying his reputation as an innovator in the FPV world.

Louis Tucker (LouFPV)


Louis Tucker, aka LouFPV, is a multi-talented WREKD pilot who not only flies but also organizes races and events for the Virginia Tech Drone Racing Team. His organizational skills paid off when he secured a sponsorship from WREKD for the Virginia Tech team. A formidable racer himself, Louis claimed first place in the 2023 Drone Racing Association Championship, demonstrating that he's both a leader and a winner for Team WREKD.


Noah Pitzer (CustomRCMods)

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Noah Pitzer, flying as CustomRCMods, is a Micro Whoop champion on the WREKD team. His accolades include first-place finishes at the 2023 International Tiny Whoop Open in Muncie, Indiana, and a 5" Open Class series in Columbus, Ohio. Noah is also an active community member, helping to organize events for the Cincinnati Quad Racers MultiGP Chapter. His success in both micro and open-class racing makes him a versatile and valuable member of Team WREKD.

Scott McFeeter (NappyFPV)

Scott McFeeter, also known as NappyFPV, was the first pilot to be sponsored by WREKD and has been instrumental in launching the Team Pilot program. Often found ripping freestyle at various locations like bandos and schools, Scott is a true FPV enthusiast. He's also a community builder, hosting a livestream where he interviews other FPV pilots, including the renowned ZoeFPV. His generosity extends to organizing giveaways and supporting the FPV community, making him the embodiment of the WREKD spirit.

Joaquin Ybanez (JBoxFPV)