GIVE FPV: A Charity Opportunity for FPV Enthusiasts

GIVE FPV: A Charity Opportunity for FPV Enthusiasts

GIVE FPV is a unique charity model designed to bridge the gap between FPV enthusiasts and underprivileged communities in remote areas of the world. By donating FPV and drone-related products / gear, GIVE FPV aims to empower these communities with access to cutting-edge technology, providing opportunities for education, skill development, and improved quality of life.

Our Mission

The mission of GIVE FPV is to promote equal access to FPV drone technology and foster global connections through the spirit and joy of FPV. By supporting underprivileged communities with FPV gear, GIVE FPV envisions a world where remote areas can benefit from modern technology and its potential applications.  Especially in STEM education environments.

How GIVE FPV Works:

  1. Donations: GIVE FPV collects new or gently used FPV drone-related products and gear, such as drones, controllers, goggles, and other accessories. Donations can be made by individuals, hobbyists, or businesses that manufacture or sell drone equipment. We also accept monetary donations and in-kind donations that can be converted by us into monetary value for buying newer equipment for communities.

  2. Refurbishment and Quality Control: Before distributing the donated items, GIVE FPV conducts a thorough inspection to ensure that all equipment is in good working condition. If necessary, the items are refurbished or repaired by a team of skilled technicians.

  3. Partnerships and Logistics: GIVE FPV collaborates with local and international organizations, such as NGOs, educational institutions, and government agencies, to identify remote communities in need. These partnerships also help facilitate the transportation and distribution of the donated FPV gear.

  4. Training and Education: To maximize the impact of the donated FPV equipment, GIVE FPV offers training and educational programs for the recipient communities. These programs teach individuals how to operate and maintain the drones, as well as provide information on potential applications and career opportunities within the drone industry.

  5. Community Impact: By donating FPV drones and gear, GIVE FPV hopes to create a lasting impact on remote communities. This technology can be used for various purposes, such as monitoring wildlife, conducting environmental research, mapping uncharted territories, supporting search and rescue missions, and even providing new forms of entertainment.

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to support GIVE FPV and its mission:

  • Donate FPV equipment: If you have new or gently used FPV drone-related products or gear, consider donating them to GIVE FPV.
  • Volunteer your time and skills: GIVE FPV welcomes volunteers with various skill sets, including drone pilots, technicians, trainers, and logistics coordinators.
  • Spread the word: Share GIVE FPV's mission with your friends, family, and social networks to raise awareness and encourage more people to get involved.
  • Financial contributions: Monetary donations help cover operational costs, such as shipping, refurbishment, and training programs.

Our First Success Story

Although we are in the very early stages of developing this program, we're happy to report that we've been actively working with a Nigerian community with great educational programs relating to remote control flying and have already raised enough to ship a beginner BetaFPV kit to a promising child that shows strong interest in remote control flight and engineering. We aim to do more of these shipments as we progress through this beautiful hobby.

By participating in GIVE FPV, you can help change the lives of people in remote areas of the world and create a more inclusive, interconnected global FPV community.

More information is to come about ways YOU can get involved and help to contribute to this mission.

Thank you and we hope to partner with more of you very soon.