BETAFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver

WREKD ID: 112650
BetaFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver at WREKD Co.
BetaFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver at WREKD Co.
BetaFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver at WREKD Co.
BetaFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver at WREKD Co.
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BETAFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Choose Receiver

WREKD ID: 112650

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Stepping into HD world with 1S whoop quadcopter! The classical Meteor75 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter comes with Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX or HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle, bringing conspicuous images and exceptional visuals to your eyes and capturing details that make the footage look as exciting as the flight. Together with 1102 18000KV motors that feature strong propulsion, it gives pilots powerful and impressive results. Enjoy an immersive flight experience, and get the perfect shots with the new HD VTX system indoors and outdoors.

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    • Powerful propulsion capabilities combined with Walksnail HD VTX or HDZero VTX give pilots an immersive flight experience and impactful visuals.
    • Ultralight weight for 40.5g (Walksnail)/ 36.4g (HDZero). With BT2.0 connector, it effectively decreases internal connector resistance for good conductive performance.
    • Equipped with 40mm 3-blade props and upgraded 1102 18000KV motors. The upgraded motors not only take abilities as good as before to provide strong propulsion in 1S whoop drone but also come with a new look. And simultaneously its black and red motor bell fully matches the Meteror75 frame.
    • Reserve two UART ports on F4 1S 5A FC(SPI Frsky) V3.0 board. The Frsky version also can be used as the PNP version. Therefore, pilots can connect the external receiver to it.
    • F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0 is flexible in upgrading and has great potential. It supports being upgraded to ELRS V3.0 separately without flashing Betaflight flight controller firmware.


    • Item: Meteor75 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (1S HD Digital VTX)
    • Flight Time: 3.5 mins 
    • Camera Adjustable Angle: 0-45°
    • Motors: 1102 18000KV Motor
    • Battery: BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery
    • Frame: Meteor75 Micro Brushless Whoop Frame
    • Propellers: 40mm 3-Blade Propellers (1.5mm Shaft)
    • Weight Without Battery: 36.4g
    • Receiver: Serial ELRS 2.4G/TBS
    • FC&ESC: F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G/TBS) V2.0/F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0
    • VTX Power Output: 20mW/200mW
    • VTX: 1S HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle
    • Camera: HDZero Nano Lite Camera

    Note: F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0 does not support external receivers. F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0 is available to connect an external receiver and can be used as PNP. Please make sure that the battery voltage must be 3V at least when flying, otherwise, the HD digital VTX would stop working. 

    HD Digital VTX System

    There are two HD versions to choose from. HDZero Nano Lite Camera is designed for feather-lite drones where every gram counts. At a weight as low as 1.5g, combined with the new Whoop Lite VTX at 4.5g with 0.4g dipole antenna enables a world’s-first production digital FPV solution of about 7g. The HDZero Whoop lite Bundle supports 1-3S power input with 25mW/200mW RF power and is capable of recording in 720P/60FPS with super low latency of less than 19ms. What's more, pilots can activate and configure its OSD function on Betaflight Configurator.

    Injection Molded Canopy for HD Camera

    Micro Canopy for HD Camera is specially designed to be compatible with Walksnail or HDZero HD digital VTX and has an adjustable camera lens of 0-45°. With the injection molding technique, the canopy is very durable and flexible for crash resistant. Besides, the hollow-out design not only reduces the influence of heat on electronic parts but also is available to be armed with decorative parts we prepared.

    New 1102 18000KV Motors

    1102 18000KV motors have a great balance between weight and power on 75mm 1S whoop drones. Only 2.9g with connectors. With the high 18000KV, it could have a great punch power even with only 1S battery. Also, it adopts a PCB connector to allow you to repair it easier once cables are disconnected.

    Flight Controller

    The latest F4 1S 5A flight controllers are applied to all BNF versions of Meteor75 HD. It features Serial ELRS 2.4G instead of SPI ELRS 2.4G for ELRS version compared to the previous version. The Frsky version reserves two UART ports for the available external receiver so it can be used as PNP. The ESC on the new board is powered by BB51 hardware in place of BB21. Last but not least, we update the gyro to BOSH BMI270 for better performance and stability since the new F4 1S 5A FC.

    Meteor75 HD (ELRS) Meteor75 HD (Frsky, PNP, TBS)
    FC Inside: F4 1S 5A FC (Serial ELRS 2.4G) V2.0 F4 1S 5A FC (SPI Frsky) V3.0
    Gyro: BMI270 BMI270
    FC Firmware: BetaFPVF411 BETAFPVF411RX
    UART Port: One UART Port Two UART Ports
    External RX: Not Supported Supported

    Note: Pay attention, ONLY the newest Betaflight firmware 4.3.1 start to support this BMI270 gyrometer. Please check the below link to download the firmware and CLI dump file. If you update the 4.3.1 firmware from Betaflight official site, please flash the CLI dump file for Meteor75 HD.

    Download the FC firmware and CLI dump file for Walksnail and HDZero version.


      • 1 * BetaFPV Meteor75 1S HDZero Digital VTX Brushless Whoop Quadcopter - Chosen Receiver
      • 2 * 450mAh 1S 30C Battery with BT2.0 Connector
      • 1 * Type-C USB Cable
      • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester
      • 4 * 40mm 3-Blade Props (1.5mm Shaft)
      • 1 * Screwdriver
      • 1 * HDZero VTX USB Cable (For HDZero Version)

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