HDZero Nano 90 FPV Camera By Runcam

WREKD ID: 112664
HDZero Nano 90 FPV Camera By Runcam at WREKD Co.
HDZero Nano 90 FPV Camera By Runcam at WREKD Co.
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HDZero Nano 90 FPV Camera By Runcam

WREKD ID: 112664

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Runcam HDZero Nano 90 camera is the first 90fps camera for HDZero VTX. This camera enables HDZero to be 5ms faster than analog 60i video to show a full field/frame.

Combined with HDZero’s extremely low latency, 90 FPS gives racers and freestyle pilots an unmatched connected flying feel and a competitive edge on the race track. You’ll finish snap rolls sharper, and corner around gates tighter at 90 FPS.

Freestylers will appreciate the new 540p60 60 FPS mode that offers better signal penetration and range by reducing HDZero’s video bandwidth.

It supports various resolutions for different flying environments

  • 720x540p90 – 90 FPS – requires HDZero Goggle
  • 720x540p60 – 60 FPS at lower resolution gives better penetration/range
  • 960x720p60 – 60 FPS at standard 720p resolution

Nano 90 is able to reach to 3ms pixel latency and 14ms frame latency glass to glass with the HDZero goggle.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Hartman

This may make you indistinguishable from Superman. You’ve been warned. But seriously, a crazy clear, crazy fast camera, and the only answer for HDZero racing.


Great company fast shipping and also curbside if your local can't beat that.

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