RCinPOWER AOS Supernova 2207 1980Kv Motor

WREKD ID: 112919
RCinPOWER AOS Supernova 2207 1980Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
RCinPOWER AOS Supernova 2207 1980Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
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RCinPOWER AOS Supernova 2207 1980Kv Motor

WREKD ID: 112919

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About this item

Message from Chris Rosser

The AOS Supernova 2207 redefines performance for a 5" FPV motor. It delivers more power, more torque, and better efficiency per gram than any other motor in its class.

You may know that I've tested over 50 different 5" motors from the biggest and best manufacturers in FPV. What you may not know is that alongside making motor testing videos I've been using all that data to refine a finite element model of FPV motor performance.

This tool can accurately predict the performance of a motor design in just a few minutes making it possible to quickly test many different motor designs. I took this a step further by writing an optimisation script that uses this model to home in on the optimum design. A design that provides the most power, torque, and efficiency at a target motor weight of 31g (not including wires).

​There are a lot of design parameters so it took a long time to home in on the optimum (over 20,000 iterations) but I found the ideal design.

That was the creation of the Supernova 2207. ​

A great design is nothing without great manufacturing so I've partnered with RCinPower to produce this motor. Their motors consistently perform at the top of my motor leaderboard and they are flown by arguably the fastest racing pilot in the world, Min Chin Kim.

I think the Supernova is something pretty special. I hope you'll agree...

-Chris Rosser


  • KV: 1980
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Stator Diameter: 22mm
  • Stator Length: 7mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 4mm (Hollow)
  • Motor Dimensions: 27.6x19.5mm
  • Weight: 31 grams (2cm Wires)
  • Internal Resistance: 45mΩ
  • Idle Current (10 Seconds)@10V: 1.1A
  • Max Continuous Power (W) 5S: 1456
  • Max Efficiency Current: (5-11A)>86%
  • No. of Cells (LiPo): 5-6S
  • Max Current (3S): 61A


  • 1 x RCInPower AOS Supernova 2207 1980KV Motor

RCInPower AOS Supernova 2207 1980KV Motors

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Grate motor. Run perfectly and easily setup

Strong motor, maybe too much for me.

For a better pilot it would probably be perfect. I need to use some throttle limit to tame it.

Brett Robertson
First impressions

AOS Supernova Motors - First Impressions Review

These motors have seriously impressed me. Here’s why:

1. Top-notch Responsiveness: The motors excel during quick direction changes or corrections. The agility is unmistakably noticeable.
2. Cool and Efficient: After flying 8 back-to-back packs, some of which involved aggressive flying and hitting gates at top speed, the motors remained cool to the touch. That’s not all - even under such demanding conditions, the batteries also seemed to run cooler than usual.
3. Precision Control: Flying with these motors feels like the quad is on rails. It goes exactly where I want it to, exactly when I want it to. The level of control is phenomenal.

Bonus: These motors are built tough! After a hefty crash that tore a motor from the frame, a simple remount with longer screws showed no signs of bell damage.

One Consideration: The only downside I found was the weight. The AOS Supernova motors added an extra 10g for the set of 4 motors compared to the MCK motors.

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