RUSHFPV Cherry V2 5.8GHz Antenna / Y-Type / U.FL Connector (2 Pack) - Choose Polarization

WREKD ID: 120024
RUSHFPV Cherry V2 5.8GHz Antenna / Y-Type / UF.L Connector (2 Pack) - Choose Polarization at WREKD Co.
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RUSHFPV Cherry V2 5.8GHz Antenna / Y-Type / U.FL Connector (2 Pack) - Choose Polarization

WREKD ID: 120024

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About this item

The choice antenna of racing legend MCKFPV for his 2023 Racing Season!

Introducing the latest FPV antenna from RUSHFPV, the Cherry II. This antenna boasts a wider operating frequency range with high consistency of parameters at each frequency point, making it suitable for use with both HD and analog equipment. With a launch efficiency that is unmatched, the Cherry II has an SWR less than 1.3, allowing for high transmitting efficiency while reducing the heat of high-power VTX. The antenna also provides a more even signal coverage, thanks to an optimized radiation field for ideal signal coverage.

The Cherry II has a bandwidth of 5600MHz-6000MHz and a gain of 1.8dBi (AVE), with polarization options of LHCP / RHCP and cross-polar rejection of -30dB. The SWR is ≤1.3:1 and radiation efficiency is 99%. The new Y-bracket optimizes the installation experience, making it easy to mount the antenna at preset angles.

In addition, the Cherry II features a classic design that has been upgraded again, with a volume reduction of 30% and weight reduction of 20% compared to the first-generation Cherry antenna. The Cherry II also offers a variety of interface options, including SMA, MMCX, MMCX-JW, IPEX, and Y type-IPEX.

The Cherry II is equipped with a new RF design, using high precision 3D laser metallization technology to ensure consistent performance with each antenna. The innovative coaxial cable + hose support structure invented by RUSHFPV four years ago has become the current standard for FPV antenna installation.

Graphs and data from the RUSHFPV RF Lab show actual measurements, ensuring the Cherry II's performance is as advertised. The Cherry II is a must-have for FPV enthusiasts looking for an antenna with a wider operating frequency range, higher launch efficiency, and more even signal coverage.


  • Gain: 1.8dBi (AVE)
  • S11 SWR: 1.3 max - 1.1 min
  • Band Width: 5600-6000-MHz
  • Axial Ratio: Around 1.0
  • Cross-polar Rejection: -30dB
  • Radiation Efficiency: 99%
  • Length: 82mm
  • Polarization: LHCP or RHCP


  • 2 x Rush FPV Cherry II 5.8GHz U.FL Antenna

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