Vannystyle Pro 5" FPV Drone Frame Kit w/ Improved Arm Design!

Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
(PRE-ORDER) Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
(PRE-ORDER) Vannystyle Pro 5" Freestyle Frame Kit by Alex Vanover at WREKD Co.
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Vannystyle Pro 5" FPV Drone Frame Kit w/ Improved Arm Design!


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About this item


Introducing the Vannystyle Pro Drone Frame – Setting New Standards in Durability and Performance!

Upgrade your FPV experience with the Vannystyle Pro, the latest innovation from our renowned Vannystyle series. Built upon the success of the original Vannystyle, this Pro edition takes drone frames to new heights with its enhanced durability, reduced weight, and increased compatibility with a wide range of FPV gear.

From Alex Vanover:

🛡️ Unmatched Durability

My team pilots and I wanted a frame that gave us the confidence to fly hard and crash hard. The Vannystyle Pro can take a crazy amount of abuse, even in tough locations such as bandos, concrete jungles, and more. To increase durability we started by widening the arms and making them 6mm thick. From there we knew we wanted the body to be durable, so we went with a camera cage design that protects the camera along with a standoff to mount your action camera mount too, making it almost impossible to eject your HD camera in crashes. Finally we squished the body slightly to make the build a bit tighter and found ourselves with a frame that allows you to push your limits without worrying about damaging your frame. And trust me, we spent plenty of time as a team flying and crashing to make sure that the frame is a durable as it could be.

Lightweight Design

We understand the importance of weight in FPV frames, and that's why we've made the Vannystyle Pro lighter than ever. The reduced weight enhances agility, responsiveness, and overall flight performance, allowing you to reach your full potential on the track or in the skies. We achieved a lower weight by reducing the amount of hardware needed to assemble the frame. The added benefit of this is it’s easy to assemble and work on. Arm swaps require only one screw to be removed, and the top plate comes off with just six screws.

Universal Compatibility

The Vannystyle Pro is engineered to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of FPV gear, ensuring you have the freedom to choose the components that suit your style and preferences. The The frame supports 20x20 and 30x30 size stacks, as well as mounting holes in the rear for 20x20 and 25.5x25.5 size video transmitters such as the DJI O3 Air Unit, Vista, Walksnail Avatar, and more. We went with TPU inserts in the camera cage allowing you to adapt the frame to whatever camera you use while also isolating it from vibrations. From cameras such as the DJI O3 all the way down to nano size cameras and more, you can choose what works best for you, and don’t worry, we include some mounts with the kit to get you flying, and if there is something specific you want, please check out the thingyverse link.

True X or Squish?!?!

One big request we got with the original vannystyle frame was to make true x arms, so we did! True X arms give a more crisp and agile flight feel, while also protecting the front of the frame better in crashes. The squish arms are better for getting the props out of view and are slightly lighter as well. The best part is the arms are interchangeable, so you can always swap them out for a different configuration down the road.

Elevate your FPV game with the Vannystyle Pro. Experience durability, agility, and versatility like never before. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting your FPV journey, the Vannystyle Pro is the frame that will take your flights to the next level.

Get ready to redefine your FPV experience – choose the Vannystyle Pro today!


  • 1 x Vannystyle Pro Frame Parts Kit
  • 1 x Vannystyle Pro Arms & Hardware Kit (Squish or True X)
  • 1 x Vannystyle Pro Accessories Kit (TPU)
  • 1 x Vannystyle x Ummagrip Laser Cut Battery Pad
  • 1 x WREKD BEAST Battery Strap
  • 1 x WREKD Sticker

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great service great


Next day shipping was great. The tolerances in the frame were much less than the first frame I built. That's something Vannystyle may want to look into. Less tolerance usually leads to a sloppy frame. QC needs to be kept in check .

Nils Rotskyi
Best frame I ever had

Sturdy, lightweight, fully compatible with O3, has room for extra stuff. I bought two.

elliot briggs

Really good quality. Impressed to see titanium bolts were included.


Love the frame I switched to the squished X configuration and love it even more

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