VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor

VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor at WREKD Co.
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VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2100Kv Motor


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About this item

The Spark 2207 High Performance Racing Motor is designed with the world's fastest pilots in mind, this motor redefines speed, reliability, and precision for pilots of all levels.

Experience the future of motor technology with Vulcan Innovation. Elevate your FPV experience and be part of the elite. Welcome to a new era of speed and precision.

Vulcan Innovation stands as a beacon of excellence in motor manufacturing, boasting a team of engineers whose expertise rivals the most seasoned professionals in the industry. While they may be a new brand, they are far from new to the realms of design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Check out our vast brushless motors selection, as well as other VCI Hobby Products!


  • New and upgraded for version with greater power!
  • One of a kind stator with 0.1mm Japanese silicon steel sheet, that can lower the operating temperature to optimize the performance.
  • Top-notch 240℃ enameled wire with that lowers internal resistance can improves the overcurrent capacity.
  • 7075 Aviation Aluminum, TC4 Titanium Alloy Shaft, TC4 Titanium Alloy Lock Shaft Screw.
  • Damping rubber ring that reduces vibrations, and prolongs the motor's life.

EN 2207 PRO 外形图.jpg


  • KV: 2100
  • Configuration: 12S14P
  • Internal Resistance: 54mO
  • Shaft Length: 12.2mm
  • Rated Voltage: 6S (24V)
  • Peak Current: 50.27A
  • Idle Current(10V): 1.0A
  • Magnets: N52SH arc
  • Stator Size: 22*L7mm
  • Dimensions: 27*L31.4mm
  • Shaft Diameter: M5
  • Silicone Wire: 20AWG 150mm
  • Max Instantaneous Power: 1206.48W
  • Weight(Incl. Cable): 33.2g


  • 1x VCI Spark 2207 Pro 2050Kv Motor
  • 5x Mount Screws (Gold Color)
  • 2x M5 Nylock Prop Nut
  • 2x Spare Washers
  • 1x Spare O-Ring
  • 1x Spare Bell Screw

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Customer Reviews

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Sean McLaughlin
Great, affordable motors

Put a set of VCI Spark 2100Kv Motors on my newest racing drone and I have been very impressed. These motors have lots of power and run pretty cold after agressive flying. I see these being my go to motors for future drones in my racing fleet.

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